Back of Beyond has some exciting news!

Tranquil Touring Parks, ‘Back of Beyond’ have just received incredible news as they have been awarded a  4 star AA grading getting a higher percentage than ever before.

Not satisfied with that they are about to apply for the David Bellamy award but that’s still in the pipeline!

Added to all the recent success Tranquil Touring Parks, ‘Back of Beyond’ have just struck up a partnership with the Safari Campers, these are vintage VW campers that are rented out in the New Forest and they love Tranquil Parks ‘Back of Beyond’  and are going to recommend to all their adult customers. This is great news for the park and Tranquil Touring Parks!

Back of Beyond are not stopping there as major local local high street links have now been set up in an effort to drive incredible added value for all their Tranquil customers. They have teamed up with a local butcher who has won several ‘Banger of the year’ awards for his sausages with the park supplying the butchers meat in their shop.

This is going down a storm and has been hugely successful, often customers take home the butchers wares!  They have a similar set up with the local baker too.

Finally ‘Back of Beyond’  have a wood fired pizza man that comes onto the site on a Friday which is also proving popular and this week, if temperatures are not hot enough! They  have a man who will be cooking Mexican Street Food from his quirky van.