Tranquil Touring Parks takes bold marketing steps

Tranquil Touring Parks‘ arguably the market leader in adult camping caravanning and touring industry, is in the middle of planning a new and dynamic marketing strategy that will see the members based organisation take bold and innovative marketing steps, which will embrace the demands of an ever changing market place and consumer expectations.

This as the industry sees seismic changes in consumer buying and research behaviour as more customers, instead, of picking up the phone with a brochure, will complete all their research and buying habits online.

This as tourism associations across the UK are beginning to see change’s in consumer behaviors, with more impulsive activity and last minute booking.
Consumers seem to now be wanting to access information on the move.

Visit Somerset’s team the destination management organisation for the county of Somerset have been quoted as seeing those exact changes recently over the Easter period.

This shift change in consumer behaviours, is also seeing the largest adoption of mobile devices yet, as the consumers preferred device in accessing information.
Consumers are now “multi screening” more than ever, accessing many sites on mobile or desktop, so consistent experiences across device need to be put in place now.


As of 2014 ‘Google mobile path to purchase research’, sees mobile phone and tablet technology activity nearly doubling in a year from 2013/2014. Making up for around 30% of total searches, so its important to ensure that all communications are smart phone and tablet compatible. Research supported by Smart Insights and Google.

With this information Tranquil Touring Parks is delighted to announce the launching of a completely new and probably one of the first in a new class of responsive websites in the camping and caravanning, touring market. The new website will be able to be viewed by any mobile phone android to Smart and tablet. The website is really advanced and boast’s optimisation for all PC’s and other digital devices.

Supporting the latest in Google map technology with all of Tranquil Touring Park sites documented throughout the UK, with click icons and hover synopsis of all the parks and Google satellite and Google earth support .

John O’Neill the Chairman of Tranquil Touring Parks has said; “The board have realised the importance that customer service plays not only within the parks but right at the point of customer engagement with the Tranquil Touring parks brand. We are committed to supporting customers experience right from the outset, when our customers are researching the right park for their needs. We need to work smarter and harder to embrace and move forward with consumer demands and expectations. We are delighted with the new website the first step in a series very exciting marketing developments that Tranquil Touring Parks is developing in its desire to increase its market share and better satisfy customers needs through better customer relationship management”

Information about Tranquil Touring Parks:
Tranquil Touring Parks has 32 adult touring, camping and caravanning members throughout the UK with a target of increasing membership by a further 20% this year as the demand for adult only parks begins to increase.
John Turner
Head of Tranquil Touring Parks Marketing

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