Planning your holiday

Whether this is your first touring park holiday or one of many, planning your holiday is often overwhelming. From deciding your location to arriving at your site, we’ve put together 4 top tips to keep your adult only holiday stress free.

Briarfields-Tranquil-Parks-Adults-Only-Holidays-Motel-TouringLocation, location, location!

Here at tranquil parks we’ve got plenty of locations to choose from. Whether you want to  walk Britain’s most beautiful coasts, if you love life on two wheels or you simply want to relax in the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, once you’ve decided what you want from your holiday you can find an adult only holiday in the perfect location to cater to your desired adventure. It’s also important to make sure that you choose a campsite which has the facilities you require. Tranquil parks adult only campsites offer a variety of facilities. You can expect high grade toilets and showers, many sites have wifi, some have fishing on site, others have restaurants and cafés. Take a look at our individual park pages to find specific facilities for sites you’re interested in.

Pack for the occasion

Now that we’re approaching the colder months of the year checking the weather forecast has become even more important. Make sure you’re not caught out in a rain shower in flip flops or a heatwave in jumpers and woolly hats. Before packing for your adults only holiday check the weather forecast and pack accordingly. It’s also important to remember the essentials such as bedding, torches and if you’re going to be cooking- don’t forget the fire extinguisher.
Find out more information on packing for your adults only tour here.

Check your caravanManor House Caravan Park | Tranquil Parks

Before setting off for your adventure its extremely important that you carry out some basic safety checks. One of the most important being checking your tyres. Without them you wont be getting very far, so take care of them. A few other things to look out for; check that your tow bar is well fitted, your mirrors have been adjusted properly and that your indicators are working. If you have any doubt about your brakes, have them checked professionally. They’re far too important to take any chances.

Plan your journey

Getting lost while towing a caravan can be scary and frustrating. So take some time to plan your journey to keep your road trip calm and easy. If you do find yourself lost you can use tools such as Google street view to help guide you in the right direction, making sure you avoid those narrow winding country lanes and arrive at your destination easily.