Touring pitches for large units

Do you have a ‘big rig’? Many UK manufacturers are making larger models of caravans and motorhomes these days, while 5th wheelers and American motorhomes are also increasing in popularity.

These vehicles need greater stability for their longer, wider and heavier bodies, hence the additional set of wheels.  Whether you call them double axle, twin axle or tag axle, they not only require larger pitch sizes, but also navigable approach roads.

In response to a recent customer enquiry, we asked our adult only touring parks if they could take an 8 foot wide (2.4 metre wide), large, double axle caravan. The parks’ answers are below.

(Above picture courtesy of Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park.)

You can find a space for twin axle caravans and other large units at:

Parks that cannot take large units: