Back of Beyond in Dorset keeps on getting better

Vicky and Martin owners of Back of Beyond in beautiful Dorset just wanted to give you an update on all theirs and their teams hard work in delivering excellent value for all their Tranquil Customers.


Here is the latest news.


We are now in the ‘Top 100’ sites for Practical Caravanning and Practical Motorhome. 

We have retained our ‘Gold’ Bellamy award.

We have tarmaced 50% of our approach road to B.O.B which was always a slight issues with the pot holes etc. Makes a huge difference.

We now have a online booking option 24 hours a day through Prophet.

We have built a new information cabin at the entrance to the park for all the leaflets and maps etc.

We are 3/4 of our way to our de-fribulator fund through charity raising. Martin and Malcolm are also attending a First Aid course to become onsite first aiders.

We are having three ‘Glamping’ Bell Tents set up with bedrooms, kitchens, electric for May onwards on decking on the park. They will be fantastic.