Tranquil Touring Parks re branding to Tranquil Parks

The board at Tranquil Touring Parks have felt it necessary with an ever changing market to ensure that the Tranquil brand reflects a larger and more diverse industry. Therefore Tranquil Touring Parks as of the 1st December 2014 has re branded to ‘Tranquil Parks’.

John O’Neil the Chairman of ‘Tranquil Parks’ has said;  “We need to reflect an ever changing market place as the group begins to see an ever more diverse range of customers, some of which still come with touring in mind, with their caravans, motorhomes and tents, but many customers are now wishing to rent lodges and pods as the affordability of the touring lifestyle is out of the reach of our younger demographic. Changing our brand to ‘Tranquil Parks’ I am sure will help give the brand more sustainability in the adult leisure market and help our customers recognise the growing nature and diversity of the Tranquil Brand”
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For further details please contact:
Head of marketing John Turner