Tranquil Touring Parks to welcome new parks

Tranquil Touring Parks are delighted to announce that their membership of adult only parks is expanding, to thirty four parks, throughout the UK. This comes as the adult touring market is seeing positive growth year on year, to which Tranquil Touring Parks takes probably the largest market share, as the number one adult only touring operator in the UK.

The two new member parks will help grow Tranquil Touring Parks dominance in South West as the parks are based in Somerset. They are the ‘Wells Holiday Park’ near to the beautiful city of Wells and ‘Greenacre Touring Park’ near the county town of Taunton, both in reach of major Somerset attractions to make touring and camping caravanning enthusiast’s ‘stay’ really enjoyable. 1908309_662672463802735_4649432250923018440_n
The parks have both gone through a rigorous process of evaluation as Tranquil Touring Parks have very high standards and criteria for parks to reach before they can join the association.

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Tranquil Touring Parks ‘Wells Holiday Park’

John O’Neill the Chairman of Tranquil Touring Parks has said, ” We are absolutely delighted to be able to welcome ‘Wells Holiday Park’ in Somerset and ‘Greenacre Touring Park’ just outside Taunton. This is another indication of the importance that Tranquil Touring Parks is playing in the adult touring, camping and caravanning market and the the way the independent adult touring, caravanning and campsites are seeing Tranquil Touring as the leaders in their field and the natural first choice when looking for leadership in this niche market. Tranquil Touring Parks have very high customer and park standards, coupled with an unrivalled business strategy that we are continually building on, which in both cases is attracting attention and the desire from many parks to join.

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Tranquil Touring Parks ‘Greenacre Touring Park’

This will now take the number of parks to thirty four in the UK, giving our customers even more choice with a quality guarantee for that extra peace of mind that Tranquil Touring insists on. It will come as no surprise that all member parks have to adhere to strict policy and guidelines before they can become members. Tranquil Touring’s philosophy is centred around customer values and it is testament to both ‘Wells Holiday Park’ and ‘Greenacres Touring Park’ teams that have clearly maintained the highest of standards within the parks and made our job so much easier when evaluating their entry into Tranquil Touring Parks membership”.
John O’ Neill went on to say, “As we look to embed our 2015 business strategy shortly, the hope is that we will be able to except many more parks that are requesting membership and continue to grow the unique and compelling customer offer that is Tranquil Touring Parks”.
‘Wells Holiday Park’ have said, “I would like to thank all the people working at Tranquil Parks for accepting Wells Holiday Park in to your organization. It looks like you all have been working very hard until now. I would like to request you to continue. Tranquil Parks work with such determination and great sincerity in the service, offering the customers/members great choices of adult only sites around our wonderful country. We look forward to working with you all for years to come.” Jason & Debbie Wells Holiday Park
‘Greenacres Touring Park’ David & Linda Fry said,  “We are very excited to have the opportunity of joining Tranquil Touring parks, we have been very encouraged by the feed back that other parks and customers have given us on the association and its marketing & business strategy. We are keen to market the park to a wider audience and are already feeling the benefits of becoming a member with excellent and efficient service and a warm welcome, we are very optimistic about 2015 and cannot wait to start working with the Tranquil Touring team on marketing the park for next year!”

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